Book On Assignment

Welcome to my new book On Assignment.

This book was written following a coaching session with a prophetic life coach . I started writing down the things I needed to process following our time together and it  turned into a book. Prior to this, I had no intention of writing a book. However, the outcome of putting my thoughts down on paper turned into a book which in turn has given me strong focus and the realisation that there may be others out there like me, who have wondered about some of the things the Lord has led them through. In fact I had never heard the term ‘living on assignment’ before. After writing 100 pages, this term On Assignment dropped into my heart. Since that time and through the process of writing, I have come to see this is a level of partnership with the Lord that it is open to all believers. I had no idea that this was what He was teaching me all along.

The book is full of testimonies of God’s faithfulness throughout difficult and challenging times in my life. as well as through some wonderful times.He has given me wise  guidance as I have tried to navigate my way forward.  I have entered into His story for me through practicing the art of surrender. It turns out that as I have entered into His story, I  found myself living inside of situations  that I didn’t even know were God’s assignments.

This lifestyle is a life of growing in trust and accessing His faith which He gives us as we navigate the way forward in life.  I have been a Christian for almost forty years now and the desperate need for God and reliance on His faithfulness has never gone away. It turns out that this is the way that He designed life to be.

You will discover principles and find tools that will enable you to discover and engage with God in a deliberate, meaningful and fruitful way. Whats more the things you do together will have eternal significance. I don’t know about you, but I find this mind blowing and incredibly humbling and exciting…

Available for purchase on Amazon the week of August 17th 2023.

Marlene Bonds book “On Assignment ” is a book for today! It is filled with lots of gold nuggets of wisdom and revelation. If I highlighted all the treasures I found in this book several chapters would be all yellow! This book is one of my favorites. She tells you how the Holy Spirit and angels work for you, then she tells a story of how they worked for her and then tells you how to have them work for you. It is a book full of life changing revelations and a must have for every Christian. I am looking forward to her next book.

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