I am an author and encounter/soaking retreat facilitator

My website’s name One Thing International, comes from Psalm 27: 4 which says:

“One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek, that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life to behold the beauty of the Lord and to enquire in His temple..”

From this place, we occupy and stand firm in the place of genuine oneness with God where His mercy, love and goodness are a continual stream and reality. We are the temple of God, therefore we enquire of HIM on the inside of us where the kingdom of God is situated.

As we behold His beauty (who He is) we will become more like Him and He will show us the person we are becoming and were always meant to be. We were made in His image, therefore all seeking needs to start in Him…We find ourselves and our calling as we find Him. This is a lifetime exploration which unfolds the more we give ourselves to Him. We can learn to enjoy Him the more we behold Him.


I run soaking retreats as an invitation to engage more deeply in the process of beholding God’s face. Meditating on the Lord in this way causes us to enter into deeper realms of His glory. Knowing Him better for who He is.

As we surrender to this process we find ourselves entering into His story. Thus we become History makers. His Story makers.

As we behold Him and listen, we will eventually find all that we need and ultimately what we are looking for. God wants us to engage with Him by abiding in Him and receiving from Him.

I have been holding retreats for a few years now. Starting out in home groups through my local church, until we grew out of room. I have held one-day retreats in people’s homes and in retreat centres. Typically people have reported physical healing, lots of emotional healing, receiving visions and revelations from the Lord. We are ministered to by His love and enter more and more into resting in Him. The theme is always about connecting with God, knowing Him and His will for us. He meets with us where we are at and according to that the ONE THING we are needing from Him at the time.